James: Hey all James here.

I love this life. All of it. The ups and the not-so-ups. It is all part of the journey. Even when I’m having a shit one I find space to be grateful for the experience.

I began my healing journey when I was born (1984). That’s what this life is hey – a healing journey.

Along the way I got into lifting heavy weights in the gym, eating 6 meat\dairy meals a day and ending up depressed and damaging my kidneys.

I then discovered the healing power of fasting – juice\coconut water\water fasting.

This lead onto experiencing the power of plant based living, the importance of looking after the mind as well and realising the power of the blender.

I used to be one of the Blendco boys – we began with a smoothie van hitting up festivals and then setup a store and a superfood ball production biz. I realised I had become a bit disconnected with what I really wanted and realised the nomadic van vibe and wandering the land sharing the healing vibe was where my heart was. So I left Blendco and brought the van.

I’ve disliked shoes for a while, so when an epic being suggested I name the new brand ‘Barefoot Blender’ it resonated.

Barefoot: This to me is all about connection. Whether in the bush, ocean or a city street- being barefoot has enabled me to feel the surroundings. To not shield myself from them – whatever they are. At festivals I often notice that the gigs that have people lose their shoes quicker are the ones with more connection going on – more sharing of love and joy amongst the crew.

Blender: We are blenders and the main tool we use to bring together our deliciously simple blends are blenders.

The mission: To share with the world how deliciously simple it can all be. All that we do is plant based (vegan some would say). All our blends are ridiculously tasty (like real food and drink should be). And all our blends are simple (if you want we’ll show you how to do it all yourself).

I want you getting a blender and creating deliciously simple magic in your kitchen every day.

I want you sharing this with people in your life as well.

I want you to live life to its fullest, to love yourself and all life, to really feel great and thrive.

Reach out if there’s anything I\we can do:

What Our Fasters Say About The Barefoot Experience

Barefoot Blender coached me through my first juice fast. I felt supported and encouraged. I would definitely go back and do another juice fast! Can’t recommend enough!

Michael Carniato, Alacrity Web Development

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