Dear brothers and sisters,

The last few months has been a truly heart opening experience.

I have been feeling vulnerable, emotional, naked, raw and real.

To every woman I have ever judged (usually in silence) as being ‘emotional’,  ‘choatic’ or just plain ‘nuts’, I apologise.

I love you all and now have so much more respect and admiration for how much you have gone through in this life – to be as true to your divine feminine essence as you have felt able – all while being knocked, pushed and pulled down by the dominant, controlling masculine energy in this patriarchal system we have all co-created.


Brother’s and Sister’s (mainly brother’s) – I feel now is the time to let go of a fear. The fear of your inner woman.

We all have an inner man (masculine) and woman (feminine).

I can see now for me that there was so much fear of the woman within. The divine feminine.

The prime example of this being mumma nature – tornado’s, cyclones, floods, and also the beauty of the rivers, the oceans, the trees, and everything else that exists in this reality.

Looking around now I can see so clearly how oppressed and suppressed the feminine has been.

A big part of this I feel has been because men have been so terrified of the feminine within. I definitely was (and still am a little). So instead of coming to terms with that within, I\we have been running around shooting down the feminine seen outside.

The result seems to be a world where to be heard people seem to think they need to play up to the masculine – to be loud and authoritative.

What’s not working with this approach?

Take a look at the state of the world.

War. Famine. Destruction.

We are pushing ourselves to the brink of extinction.

Because we are too afraid of trusting and surrendering to the leadership of the divine feminine. The feminine has all the answers – the divine road map to peace and harmony. The role of the masculine is perhaps to just to provide some stillness, space and support for the answers to come through from the feminine.

Now is the time to let go of all the fears of the inner feminine – fears of being destroyed by her true power.

Instead let go a little. Be ok being unsure, unclear, and showing emotion.

Be a bit more vulnerable – be willing to be seen.

Be with what is within and be ok showing and sharing this with the world.

It’s time to fall in love with how beautiful and magnificent we really are.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Love and gratitude to you all for being on this journey,