All your juices for the week + a kit of our recommended goodies to support the optimal cleansing experience + a detailed program to get the most out of your week of re-energising, re-vitalizing and healing your body and mind.

Our goodies are all about maximising your bodies ability to eliminate toxins and heal. They include:

  • cleansing body scrub kit for the skin
  • healing body\face mask kit for the face and body
  • whitening and rebuilding tooth paste kit for the teeth and gums
  • coconut oil pulling kit for the mouth
  • peppermint oil kit for the lungs
  • coffee enema kit for the digestive system and liver

This experience also includes a detailed program and powerful healing protocol involving the juices, all the goodies and some powerful lifestyle rituals to amp up and enhance your 7 day experience.

This is the program we have designed to give you the best bang for your buck and support you to re-energise, re-vitalise and heal your body and mind.