• All your juices for the week + guiding video tips delivered through email along the way. This is our basic program that will provide you with the basics to cleanse.
  • All your juices for the week + a kit of our recommended goodies to support the optimal cleansing experience + a detailed program to get the most out of your week of re-energising, re-vitalizing and healing your body and mind. Our goodies are all about maximising your bodies ability to eliminate toxins and heal. They include:
    • cleansing body scrub kit for the skin
    • healing body\face mask kit for the face and body
    • whitening and rebuilding tooth paste kit for the teeth and gums
    • coconut oil pulling kit for the mouth
    • peppermint oil kit for the lungs
    • coffee enema kit for the digestive system and liver
    This experience also includes a detailed program and powerful healing protocol involving the juices, all the goodies and some powerful lifestyle rituals to amp up and enhance your 7 day experience. This is the program we have designed to give you the best bang for your buck and support you to re-energise, re-vitalise and heal your body and mind.
  • This is for the person who wants to give it their all and is committed to doing whatever it takes to energise, revitalize and heal the body and mind during the 7 day experience. It includes:
    • all the juices + goodies + program that the Premium Barefoot Experience has
    • a 30 minute consultation call 2 days before your cleanse with one of our experienced team
    • a 30 minute coaching call on day 3 of your cleanse to support with the physical and emotional things that may be coming up during the cleanse
    • a 30 minutes call on day 7 of your cleanse to support with transitioning into the world beyond the fast
    Our team are expert fasters with years of experience in fasting and healing themselves. They are all truly living examples of people committed to self-healing and sharing these experiences with those willing to listen. If you are after a higher level of support for the mind and body and want to really give this 7 day experience your all then this experience is for you.